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Few Words About Me

Hi, I’m Krissy Gillaspia. I’m a mom, single parent, German Shepherd fan, lover of all things coconut. I wear spots which means I have vitiligo. I work with a company that many like to refer to as ‘America’s best kept secret.’  I love to write and I’m a big fan of a great book and sitting on the side of the lake.

I’ve earned six figures working from home, I’ve got what the call 7 figure earner experience under my belt and I’ve also got the knowledge of being broke, having no where to go and having to ask for help.

My heart aches for all the other moms like me and single parents – male and female -out there who know what it’s like to lie awake freaking out about how to take care of your family, on your own and by yourself. That’s the folks I hope I can reach and help the most.

This blog is for my thoughts and where I put stuff on my mind. An outlet, like many blogs.

It’ll share success, celebrations, ups and yes, downs.

Either way, I hope you find some value in it, if you happen to stop by.