The Protection Racket, Fears, Worry, God and Other Things

Yesterday, I got unsettling news and all day long my prayers began with “I’m scared” and “God, I’m afraid” – even knowing that “fear is […]

This is My Life and It’s Beautiful

I love this picture.  I think about it off and on.  Randomly.  I took it a few years ago. I was sitting on a mattress […]

Speak to Me

  Have you ever really wanted God to speak to you ?   Undeniably reach out and touch you and you touch Him?   I […]

5 Ways You Can Work It Like a Dog

  Watching my dog Maya is a great source of inspiration and positive emotions for me.   Throwing a ball or a Frisbee over and over […]

Minimal Fireplace?

Recently I repainted the living room.  Going in the direction of less is more I decided to remove almost all the pictures from the walls […]

Minimal Bathroom

I’ve kept my bathroom looking neat like this for several months.  It’s super easy to clean and switching all the towels and linens to white […]

Who’s Says God Doesn’t Use Facebook?

[Note: This is very casually written – it was a Facebook post.  I decided to share it here because I love how God shows us […]

Minimalism: The Cure for Being Late

I’m one of those people who gets distracted by ‘things’ on her way out of the house.  I find myself going back to get a […]

A Minimalist Bedroom is Born

Minimalism and the master bedroom…. Where would I start?  For some reason I kept seeing my cream colored iron bed in black iron.  The idea […]

Minimalistic Me…Who Knew?!

So, I made the decision to convert to minimalism.  Well, minimalism my style anyway.  My life had recently gone to hell in a hand basket […]

Who Needs an Ironing Board?!

Thinking of going all minimalistic on your house?  There are some items that may get passed by when they should be donated or thrown in […]

Organizing Your Closet – Minimal and Magical

Well, I did it.  The closet.  I knew it would be tough but I made up my mind to part with most of my clothing. […]

Gluten Free Beef Nachos

Gluten Free Beef Nachos with Jalapeños   Ingredients 1lb ground beef (I use 96% lean) 1 large bag gluten free tortilla chips 1 medium size onion, […]

Love this thought!

Gluten Free Meat & Potatoes Casserole

Ingredients 1 lb. mild ground pork sausage 1 lb. ground maple pork sausage 1o large eggs 30 oz bag of hash browns (Ore Ida prominently displays […]

Gluten Free Fajita Nachos

Ingredients 1lb beef or chicken fajitas (cooked, chopped into bite size pieces) 1 large bag gluten free tortilla chips 1 medium size onion, chopped 1 […]

Minimalist Home Business

What about a “Minimalist Home Business?”    Mobile, easy to take along with you.  Your ‘office’ could be just about anywhere. No large investment, no stocking […]

Lemon Turkey & Asparagus – Krissy’s Version

Someone  asked me to recreate my fit foods® Lemon Turkey recipe.  It is one of the few recipes I’ve ‘copied’ that I really enjoyed after I made […]