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simplicitySo, I made the decision to convert to minimalism.  Well, minimalism my style anyway.  My life had recently gone to hell in a hand basket and even though it was painful, the experience left me with clearer vision.  It sort of “dropped the scales from my eyes” to borrow a term from the Bible.

I started with my bedroom.  Blacks, whites, and soft grays seemed soothing to me.   I changed the colorful quilt and even the furniture to a black and white theme.  I already had black and white chalk paint in a closet so I didn’t buy new furniture.  I just re-painted and refinished what I had.    I swapped out the colorful bedding and bought white everything.

I think the thing I like about minimal style and stuff is that it doesn’t seem to cost much money at all.  Plus, you get to de-stress your life at the same time.  A few years ago, I read a book called Miss Minimalist.  It’s a collection of the author’s blog posts about living minimal with really helpful hints.  It basically gives you a starting point. So, when I decided to make this change, I scanned back through my old Kindle purchases and dug it out.  Did a Google search and loved that I found her blog and website.      She has a post on the Top 10 Benefits of Being a Minimalist and I have to say – she sums up exactly how I’ve felt the last few weeks having less stuff to deal with.

Someone – on a blog I read somewhere (sorry, I can’t reference the name in my memory!) said that the majority of people say they don’t have a “stuff problem” but a “space problem.”   The reality is, it’s a stuff problem for most people and we don’t need to live with 10 different bottles of styling gel, spray and cream.  We don’t need 2 blenders, 6 baking sheets and 3 different kinds of vegetable steamers.  (Yes, that was a confession).

The only area that I seem to have true difficulty with paring down my stuff was my shoes – more on that later – but you ladies will understand…..  You don’t mess with a woman’s shoes!

I plan to insert photos of changes made (and yeah, I mostly didn’t take “before” shots).    I also have plans to go camping on the beach with minimal supplies here very soon.  No, that does not mean a sleeping bag and a bag of trail mix.  But it did involve trading the big bulky tent for a 30 second set up dome tent.  Til next time…