Thinking of going all minimalistic on your house?  There are some items that may get passed by when they should be donated or thrown in the garbage.  It’s one more step towards de-cluttering.

One of those items, for me, was the ironing board.  I’ve actually been ridiculed for not being all that fab at ironing.  And, well, face it:  I’m a little challenged when it comes to just making the stupid board stand up and collapse smoothly.  It’s an evil invention.

Image Credit: I’ve nothing against ironing.  It just seems a huge waste of someone’s (my) time — when so many clothing choices don’t need ironing these days.  And if they do, well, those are the items that go to the dry cleaner.

Ironing = Time Sucker.   It’s like adding ‘busy work’ into your day for the heck of it.   And me?  I  take three times longer than anyone else.  The last time I ironed – I remember clearly – it was a button down dress shirt.  After 30 minutes (yes, 30!) on one shirt – I hung it up – certain it was perfect – only to be told that I screwed the collar up.  Definitely not going to be my forte.   Ironing is evil.  Ironing boards take up unnecessary space.  Ironing boards can leave if you want to live more minimalist like.

I’m told minimalistic living involves fewer choices and more basic necessities.  I’ve always been a black T-shirt and jeans kind of girl.  Guess what?  Throwing out 90% of my clothing and sticking with basic blacks, whites and neutrals cuts my “get ready” time in half since my choices just got drastically reduced.  Reality is?  I only used 10% of the wardrobe anyway.  And you know what else?  It’s nearly all stuff that never has to be ironed.

So???  Bye bye ironing board.  Someone at Goodwill – who enjoys ironing – will be happy to get you.