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God Facebook

[Note: This is very casually written – it was a Facebook post.  I decided to share it here because I love how God shows us there are still good and honest people out there – and we meet them when we least expect it.   My sisters, brother and I have become Facebook friends with the lady who returned the wallet since this post was written.  She lives about an hour from me and I hope to meet her in person someday.]

I was talking to my sister, Misty, today and she told me about what happened to them just last night. She and her husband, Brad, were traveling and stayed overnight up past Round Rock, Texas.   On the way back from their son’s baseball tournament, they stopped at Buc-cee’s to fill up with gas. Next, they stopped to grab some lunch where Brad discovered he couldn’t find his wallet. He assumed he’d left it in their vehicle. So, Misty paid the tab and they went on their way. Brad didn’t check for his wallet because he just assumed it was in the RV.

Then something weird happened. As they are driving through San Antonio, Misty’s phone rings and it’s our brother, Scott.   Scott lives up in Leander, Texas and didn’t know they had passed through the Austin area that day. She answers and he asks her – out of the blue it seems – “Do you know where Brad’s wallet is?”

Obviously, Misty was startled and said something like “Um, no, now that you mention it, I don’t know.”   Brad confirmed again he just thought it was in the RV somewhere.

Scott then tells them that some nice lady requested friendship on Facebook and said that she has Brad’s wallet and she FOUND IT NEAR AUSTIN ON TOP OF A GAS PUMP!!   Yep, Brad left his wallet there while pumping gas.   Turns out the folks at Buc-cee’s suggested posting a comment on their Facebook page and that inspired this lady to look up Brad on Facebook. Brad doesn’t have a Facebook page but Misty does. This lady then starts friend requesting Misty and some of her friends and finally gets our brother.

Moral of the story: God makes good people. And those good people are on Facebook.

Also, Misty says Brad is going to get his own Facebook page now….